You will learn:

  • Agile Product Management
  • Value-Driven Development
  • Scrum Principles & Empiricism
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Product Backlog Management
  • Release Management
  • Product build-up
  • The relevance of user stories
  • Setting and achieving strategic product goals
  • Release strategies and planning with Scrum
  • Estimating and prioritizing requirements
  • Forecasting capability with Scrum
  • Product development involving multiple teams
  • The total cost of ownership

Hiren Doshi, PST, The Instructor & Coach

Hiren Doshi, Author, Professional Scrum Trainer and coach, is a Scrum enthusiast and an agent for organizational change.

He has a distinguished 22-years career in leading the full life cycle software development of which.

He has facilitated over 50 workshops on PSF, PSM, PSPO and SPS and trained over 1200 participants.

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