Learning outcome:

• Understand the impact of requirement errors on project failure

• Learn the rationale for Requirements Engineering as a formal and systematic discipline

• Learn various sources of requirements and techniques to capture the required information

• Learn how to remove ambiguity in language

• Understand how to record requirements

• Examine the quality assurance aspects of the requirements and requirements documentation

• Learn how to deal with disagreement on requirements and conflict resolution

. Be prepared for CPRE-FL

Surendra Saxena

Course Advisor

Surendra Saxena is a Member on Board of IREB and Ex-President of IIBA Chennai Chapter. 

He has over 30 years of experience in handling variety of assignments from software architecture design to large-scale deployment and support of large telecom systems, setting up delivery excellence centers, developing and running $30 Million software business with global workforce. While working as a COO and C-level executive, and later as a consultant, I've successfully led several large-scale organizational transformation initiatives.

He believes that business analysis and project management are the most under-leveraged capabilities employed by organizations. Done right, done simply, it can focus your team on the essential components, shift from reactive tasks to strategic thinking, drive project and business success, and relieve stress.

He has trained over 10,000 professionals in several Fortune 500 organizations and mentored few thousands of BAs earn their certifications.

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